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Cello, Piano

English, Russian, Belarussian

Hi! My name is Aliaksandra ( or you can call me Sasha!)
I was born in Minsk, Belarus and I live in Amsterdam since 2018.
I play cello and piano professionally. Currently doing my Masters degree on classical cello at Conservatory Utrecht.
I started babysitting while covid and my bachelors at conservatory of Amsterdam in 2020, when it was no opportunity to play an instrument and I realised, that I need to do something. I have to share my experience and love to music. I started to work with children and gave musical lessons, because that’s something I feel like I want to do. I have an experience of 3 years already of teaching and babysitting at the same time and I am always trying to find the best way of explaining what art is - to every kid. Because everyone is special and I am sure you and your child will fall in love with music with my help!

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