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English, Dutch

Hello, I am Indi!
In 2016 I started to study Theater. I learned how to teach, create, direct and experience all the other wonderful things of theater. In the last year of my study I did an internship as a teacher-assistant and taught mixed groups from the age 13 till 63. A few examples of the lessons I gave are how to build a character, how to do theater make-up, stay in contact, etc. During this period I also helped with creating multiple plays as a director-assistant.
With Artsitters, I have been teaching to a younger group of kids as well, from the age of 2 till 6. The lessons have been from recreating scenes from big plays, how to transform yourself into a character. It has been a lot o fun and I feel like we have all learned a lot from each other.
Besides teaching, I am also active in the art world as a costume designer, creating new plays with young people and having some small project here and there.

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