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Piano, Creative writing, Movement

English, Estonian

Hello, I am Lisanne. Before my jazz piano studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, I worked as kindergarten music teacher for a year. I have always enjoyed creating stories and enriching them with my music. While working as music teacher last year, I learned how to make children eager to study and memorize music, using simple but exciting narratives, fun songs, playfulness, movement and elements of musical theater. My inspiration comes from creativity and playfulness with which children explore and absorb the world - it also drives me to experience life in a different, more creative way.

My creative spirit lies in literature and music. Most vivid memories of my childhood include making up performances and plays with my sisters, creating small songs about my favorite toys and their toy - lives, or building fantasy worlds through playing, letting my imagination completely take over. This inner creativity led me to playing the piano 11 years ago, writing a novel in 2021 called “The Wall of Pine Trees”, working as a kindergarten music teacher last year and finally, starting my studies at the Conservatorium as a jazz piano bachelor.

My motivation as an artsitter is to lay a strong foundation of joyful, creative, musical experiences for a child, where one day a true artistry can start growing. I want to help children find and experience the tools for creative expression, whether it's through singing, playing the piano or telling stories. I listen closely to every child I am working with and try to find a personal approach which helps them learn in the most efficient way.

In teaching the piano, I use elements of the Taubman approach, which is a method for developing a healthy and flowing piano technique from early age on. I specialize in jazz piano, but I also have a strong 7-year classical piano background. I have practiced creative writing for the past 4 years, writing poems, short stories and lyrics for musical pieces.

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