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Arts & Crafts

English, Dutch

Hello, my name is Mary and I am passionate about art and all things art since I am a young girl. As a child and in my late teens you would always find me drawing or painting. This inspired me to go on and study art, fine art to be precise. I have a degree in fine art, from the Crawford college of Art & Design, in Ireland. And in the last few years since moving to the Netherlands, I have completed studies in
Creative Therapy, in order to further my education and broaden my scope. I also have a certificate in Early childhood studies & Special education, in which I worked for many years previously.

I have both worked in primary schools and Kindergartens as an SNA (special needs assistant) and Art teacher. I often combined my role as an SNA with creativity, i.e. teaching through artistic means and really saw its benefits, especially in its "calming effects".
Ever since I was a young girl, and being the eldest of 7 kids, I have always had a caring role. I continued in the role of a Nanny to various families, in my teens and early 20's. After that, I continued more in the education sector through providing art-based classes in schools and local groups.
After and during my Art studies, I held many solo as well as joint Art exhibitions, in my local area in Ireland.

In the last few years, while moving to the Netherlands, I have started a family of my own, in which I practice my skills and talents everyday. I continued painting and taking some commissions, while
simultaneously remaining creative with my kids. I love combining my skills and talents, marrying my social, caring and creative talents together.
I can offer both Art and Creative therapy classes, (drawing, painting, modelling). And if there is room for it, combining it possibly with some dance/music and/or yoga. But ultimately exploring Art in all its forms, as a therapeutic means, which I truly believe it is.

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