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Arts & Crafts

English, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish

I'm Nuša Dijak, 26-year-old, finishing my Master's degree in Art Pedagogy – Teaching at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have great skills in painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery and crafts (also for young preschool children).

I've discovered my true passion lies in Art and the joy of sharing experiences through teaching!

My skills as a teacher, combined with my background in Visual Arts Education, are a perfect match for working with children. This unique blend of skills is equipping me with the ability to craft dynamic lessons that merge creativity with education, creating a dynamic and engaging environment. I am really good in visually conveying complex ideas and adapting my teaching methods to suit diverse learning styles. I encourage children to nurture their curiosity and mechanic as well as cognitive development. My collaborative nature, practiced through group projects in Visual arts, enhances my ability to be a great team player and allow me to create a supportive and interactive atmosphere that promotes teamwork and social growth. With a passion for both teaching and artistic expression, I am uniquely made to inspire students and guide these young learners on a journey of discovery and growth.

I am an open minded person with a great sense of humour who loves meeting new people. I am flexible, hardworking, determinate, passionate and great team player. I love getting out of my comfort zone and I always put in my best effort to achieve what I set my mind to. One of my strengths is being bilingual as I am fluent in Slovene, and English (C1 level). I am able to converse in Spanish and Serbo-Croatian. I also understand basic levels of German, French, Portuguese, and got some knowledge of Slovene sign language. I started learning Dutch about a year ago and I’m still a beginner with a sense of understanding the context but I am very motivated to achieve a fluent level of understanding and speaking as soon as possible.

I am really excited for embarking on the journey of becoming an ArtSitter. Taking on this role, I anticipate personal growth that extends beyond myself, benefiting both my own development and the young minds I'll have the privilege to guide and nurture.

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