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Music, Vocal Painting

Dutch, English

Hello, I'm Sven Keet, and I was born in 1995. I am a conductor, arranger, singer, and beatboxer based in Amsterdam. When it comes to making music, my absolute favorite method is utilizing the power of the voice. While pursuing my bachelor's degree to become a music teacher at the conservatory of Amsterdam, I discovered my deep passion for conducting and arranging music for choirs.

Currently, I hold the position of conductor for Playground, an ensemble that I founded in 2018, as well as SONAR. In addition to my conducting roles, I showcase my talents as a high tenor and beatboxer in various projects, including MAZE voices. Last summer, I successfully completed my master's degree in Innovative Choir Leading at the conservatory of Aalborg, further enhancing my musical expertise.

Alongside my performance endeavors, I enthusiastically work as a music teacher at several primary schools, sharing my knowledge and love for music with young students.

Vocal Painting (VoPa) plays a significant role in my musical journey. VoPa is a unique sign language created by Jim Daus Hjernoe from Denmark, consisting of over 200 signs with new ones being developed each year. It serves as a means to spontaneously create and modify music in the moment. Through these signs, musicians can communicate nonverbally about various musical parameters such as volume, staccato/legato, vowels, sound color, fermata, and more, all while maintaining the flow of the music.

One of the remarkable aspects of VoPa is its accessibility to all, making it an excellent tool to engage with young children. By using VoPa, kids can shape their own musical ideas and gain a deeper understanding of different musical parameters. In my workshops, I guide participants through the basics of VoPa, incorporating these signs into various songs and encouraging the creation of improvised music.

Join me in exploring the wonders of Vocal Painting (VoPa) and let's embark on a musical journey together.

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