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Arts & Crafts

At Artsitters, we believe in the transformative power of creativity for children.

Our Arts & Crafts sessions are not just about making art;

they're about fostering joy, self-expression, and meaningful connections. 


Drawing, painting and more!


Our artists cover a wide range of artistic activities, including:

  • Painting: Unleash the inner artist with vibrant colors.

  • Pottery and Clay Modeling: Molding and shaping clay into beautiful creations, exploring the world of 3D art and sculpture.

  • Drawing: Develop fine motor skills and imaginative expression.

  • Woodworking: Learn basic woodworking skills with safe, child-friendly materials.

  • Jewelry Making: Create unique and personalized accessories.


Does your child have a specific interest? Our artists tailor every session to the child’s specific needs and wishes. Contact us for more information! 


Why children love arts & crafts


  • Arts & Crafts provide a canvas for children to express themselves freely. It encourages imaginative thinking and the creation of unique masterpieces.

  • Tactile experiences with various art materials stimulate sensory development. From squishy clay to smooth paint, children engage their senses in a playful way.

  • Completing an art project boosts children's confidence and self-esteem. They take pride in showcasing their creations to family and friends.

  • Arts & Crafts seamlessly blend learning and play, fostering cognitive development; Concepts like colors, shapes, and textures are absorbed in an enjoyable manner.

Arts & Crafts for group activities


Art sessions provide an excellent opportunity to be turned into a group activity; Shared creativity creates lasting memories and strengthens relationships.


  • Playdates: You can add friend(s) or siblings to the session at a discounted rate. Children bond over shared creative endeavors, enhancing friendships.

  • Birthday Parties: Arts & Crafts offer a memorable and unique party activity. The little guests can take home their artwork as party favors.


Whether it's a solo class, playdate, or birthday party, let Artsitters be the canvas for your child's artistic journey.



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