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General terms and conditions

Last updated: 01.01.2024 



We're a platform connecting families (herein referred to as “The User”) with skilled artsitters (herein referred to as “the artsitter”). Our mission is to create opportunities for children to explore their own creativity through art, music and performance in the comfort of their own home by combining creative sessions and childcare on demand. 

Nieuwendammerdijk 228, 1025LW Amsterdam,, +31 20250 4530, KVK Number: 75445220.


Using Our Site

  • The User can access our website anytime, but we might occasionally need to pause it for maintenance updates.

  • It's important to provide accurate and honest information when requesting and using our services.

  • Our website is meant for personal use only and not for commercial purposes unless we've given permission in writing.


Booking Creative Sessions

  • To book a creative session, the User needs to purchase one of our package deals for 1, 4 or 10 sessions and fill the booking form. 

  • All packages are valid for 6 months. 

  • By completing the purchase, the User agrees to Artsitters’ terms and conditions. 

  • Artsitters will then match the User with an artsitter and ask them to agree on a first date. Returning customers will be matched with their most recent artsitter unless this person is unavailable or unless the User indicated something else. 

  • The matched artsitter decides whether to accept the job or not based on their availability. Once the artsitter and the User agree on a date, they've made an agreement.

  • The package is non-refundable, except for when Artsitters is unable to match the User with an artsitter in a timely manner. If the User is not happy with the service, please reach out to, so we can match you with a different artsitter. Alternatively, the User can transfer the (remaining) sessions to someone else.

Service Execution

  • The User is responsible for giving clear instructions and providing any necessary resources to the artsitter. This includes, but is not limited to, the starting time and location, supplies that can be used or need to be purchased, additional information about expectations and the child.

  • The User and the artsitter need to make sure your arrangements follow the law.

  • Artsitters are independent in how they provide the service.

  • We can't guarantee the quality of the service, despite our efforts and screening the artsitters beforehand.


Leaving Reviews

  • If the User is not happy with the service provided by Artsitters, they can share their feedback over the phone or email. 

  • The User can alsoleave a Google review on Artsitters’ Google Business page. By leaving a review, they agree to let Artsitters use it for marketing purposes.


Liability and Insurance

  • Artsitters is not responsible for incorrect information from Users or artsitters.

  • Artsitters is not liable for any data breaches by third parties.

  • Artsitters highly encourage both, the User and the artsitter have liability and accident insurance.



  • Once an Artsitter accepts a User’s booking, it can't be revoked unless stated in written form from the User.

  • Artsitters will not be involved in the contract between the Artsitter and the User. The relationship between Art-Sitters and the Artsitter does not qualify as an employment contract under any circumstances, because it falls under the "regulation for services at home" (‘Regeling dienstverlening aan huis’). You can read more about this regulation on our website.

Invoicing and Payment

  • The User pays for creative sessions in advance by purchasing a package from Artsitters’ website. Every package price includes a service fee to account for administration and matchmaking.

  • The Artsitter keeps track of their work on top of the creative session (e.g. additional children or time spent on regular babysitting). For these additional services, the User receives an invoice per calendar month and needs to pay the full amount within 5 working days.


Price and Changes

Prices as of 01.01.2024:

  • Creative Session in person (45 minutes session for 1 child): €40€*

    • Each additional child per Creative Session: +€10

    • Extension of the session (15 minutes): €15

  • Babysitting (60 minutes for 1 child): €15

    • Each additional child for babysitting: +€2/hour

  • Service fee depends on the package: €5 for 1 creative session. €15 for 4 or €0 for 10 sessions.

  • Cancellation fee: €20 (Applies if a booked service was canceled less than 24 hours in advance)


*Note: Acknowledging the limited attention span of children, our creative sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes. For additional €15, the User can extend it to 60 minutes if the Artsitter agrees to it. It is up to the Artsitter to end the session after 30 minutes, if the child’s attention doesn’t allow continuing. The minimum price remains €40. 


Not included in the prices are costs for supplies and traveling. It is up to the Artsitter to discuss this with the User directly. 


Disputes and Legal

Important Warning

  • All bookings between the User and the artsitter should go via Artsitters. If the User pays the artsitters privately (without formally booking a creative session) or passes on their contact details to other parties, this is considered a breach of our terms. In this case,  both the User and the artsitter must pay a fine of €500 each. This breach would revoke our agreement.

  • If some terms are invalid, the rest still applies.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands. Any disputes arising under or in connection with this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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