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Dance & Theater

At Artsitters, we welcome the powerful impact of creativity and movement on children. Our dance and theater sessions extend far beyond conventional performances; they are crafted to cultivate happiness, self-expression, and meaningful connections.

Dance and acting classes for children of all ages


Our performers engage in a diverse array of expressive activities, including:

  • Ballet: Float and twirl as you discover the enchanting world of ballet! Learn to move with grace and precision, and uncover the magic of classical dance.

  • Hiphop: Follow the beat, dance to rhythmic tunes, and create cool moves with dynamic choreography.

  • Urban: Step into the modern dance scene with urban styles! Flow with smooth movements and express yourself in a way that feels just right for today.

  • Breakdancing: Jump, spin, and flip in the exciting world of breakdancing! It's a super energetic and athletic dance form that lets you showcase your coolest moves.

  • Theater Play: Become a star on the stage! Develop acting skills, explore characters, and bring stories to life on the stage.

  • Puppet Play: Create your own characters and stories using the magical art of puppetry.

  • Storytelling: Weave tales, create characters, and use the magic of words to capture everyone's attention.


Is your child’s interest not listed above? We can match you with a performer who can incorporate your child’s specific wishes. Contact us for more information. 

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The benefits of dance and acting classes


  • Dance and theatre provide a unique outlet for kids to express a range of emotions. Whether it's the joy of a lively dance or the depth of a dramatic scene, these art forms allow children to navigate and convey their feelings in a supportive environment.

  • From inventing dance routines to portraying characters, dance and theatre offer an immersive space for kids to unleash their creative energy.

  • Kids revel in the sense of achievement that comes with mastering dance moves or delivering a line flawlessly. Each performance, whether on the dance floor or the stage, becomes a proud moment of accomplishment.

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Perfect for parties or playdates


Both dance and theatre thrive on collaboration, making these arts the perfect activity for a play date or a birthday party. Kids enjoy the camaraderie of group practices and performances, forming bonds as they work together to create something magical on stage.


  • Transform your backyard into a dance floor. Kids can groove to their favorite beats, learn simple routines, and even have a mini dance-off.

  • Let the kids dress up as their favorite characters and improvise short scenes or perform a mini theatrical production. 


Dance and acting classes offer an excellent opportunity for children to develop their social skills from an early age. Group routines promote teamwork and coordination among the young dancers. Acting encourages active listening and communication.

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