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Planning your child’s birthday party with Artsitters 

Make your child's birthday unforgettable with Artsitters! Our experienced artists bring creative flair, personalized activities, and lasting memories to every celebration, making it a unique and joy-filled experience for the birthday child and their friends.

Chose from a variety of art forms: 

  • Arts & Craft – From action painting to woodwork. Bonus: The little guests can take home their artwork as party favors.

  • Music – Singing more than just “happy birthday”. Turn your living room into a concert hall!

  • Dance & Theatre – Turn your backyard into a stage. Perfectly combined with costume and theme parties. 


Example: A party for 6 kids with a creative session as party highlight and additional 2 hours sitting to help the parents for only €145


Is your child’s interest not listed above, or are you not sure which activity would work best for a certain age? Consult us for more information.

dance & theater strip 2


The benefits of booking your party with Artsitters


  • Guaranteed fun – Our artsitters don’t have a fixed program that they follow. Instead, they will take your child’s needs and wishes into consideration for the party planning. 

  • Convenience – Before/after the creative session, our artsitters can also support you with childcare

  • Flexibility – You don’t need to commit to a fixed number of little guests. You will only pay upfront for your own child (€45 for 45 minutes) and then receive an invoice for the other guests after the party (€10 per guest and session). 

dance & theater strip 1

How to book

  1. Purchase one creative session from our booking page. 

  2. Fill in your details and what kind of party you have in mind: How old is your child? Which date do you have in mind? How many guests will attend? Is there a theme? Would you like the artsitter to stay for a few hours of child care too? 

  3. We’ll reach out to you to discuss the details and match you with an artsitter for your party as soon as possible. 


Got some questions first? Email right away. 

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