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Artsitters for Businesses

Welcome to Artsitters – the perfect partner for organizations and businesses, seeking creative activities for groups of kids. 

We offer single sessions or series of workshops covering many art forms for a unique blend of fun, learning, and artistic expression. 


  • Single sessions or workshop series 

  • Experiences artists with a background in childcare

  • For children of all ages and any group size 

  • Covering near to all art forms: Visual arts, Crafts, Dance, Music, Theatre

  • Hosted in Dutch or English


For organizations  

Public organizations (like schools and libraries) are most welcome to contact Artsitters for a creative experience out of the ordinary! 


Our flexible approach allows you to choose from various art forms and go beyond the regular activities the kids are used to. Try something new and fresh! 


Our artsitters will tailor the creative sessions to suit the age group, theme, and specific interests of the little participants.


For companies 

Are you planning a “bring your kids to work” day? Or is your company hosting a family day? We got you covered! 


With Artsitters you can elevate your company's event by entertaining the kids and giving the parents time to relax. Our artsitters can help you turn a corporate event into a unique memory for your employees and their kids by integrating creative sessions into the agenda. Enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free experience, with our artists bringing all the necessary materials and expertise to your location. 


You can also purchase a gift voucher from Artsitters to gift to your employees with kids.

Inquiries and how to book

Email us at for more information. 

Simply provide us with details such as the number of participants, preferred date, and the type of activity you have in mind. We’ll reach out to you to work out the details and match you with the perfect artsitter. 


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