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Incorporating music into a child's life goes beyond the joy of playing notes; Artsitter can help you with laying the foundation for a well-rounded and enriched developmental experience for your child.

Piano, violin, and many more instruments


Our musicians cover a broad range of musical activities, including:

  • Piano: Explore the world of musical sounds through the elegant keys of a piano.

  • Guitar: Strum and pluck your way into the heart of melodies with the versatile guitar.

  • Violin: Discover the beauty of string instruments with the expressive tones of a violin.

  • Singing: Develop vocal skills and expressiveness.

  • Songwriting: Unleash creativity through composing original tunes.

  • Percussion: Engage in the rhythmic world of beats.

  • Music Theory: Learn the basics of musical language.


Does your child have a specific instrument in mind? Contact us, and we'll look for a matching artist!

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Let your child discover the joy of music

  • Engaging with musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, and harmony fosters cognitive development in a fun and enjoyable way.

  • Playing instruments, such as piano or violin, improves fine motor skills and coordination.

  • Completing a musical piece or mastering an instrument boosts children's confidence, instilling a sense of achievement.

  • Learning the language of music contributes to overall language development in children.

  • Exposure to various musical styles broadens cultural awareness and appreciation.

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Music education, hassle-free

Artsitters offers a unique convenience by bringing the music experience directly to your home, sparing parents the hassle of transporting their children to music school. 

What sets us apart is the freedom we offer: Your child isn't confined to a single instrument or tied to a rigid curriculum. 

With Artsitters, children can switch instruments or explore different art forms, allowing them to discover their passion at their own pace

Whether it's a try-out class, a monthly package or a birthday party, allow Artsitters to be the stage for your child's musical journey.


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