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Guidelines for artsitters

General Overview and Guidelines for artsitters:


1. Your Gig, Your Responsibility:

  • Material Costs:

- You're in charge of workshop materials. Discuss with parents beforehand, buy what's needed, and if they agree, save the receipt for reimbursement. Find affordable alternatives if needed.​

  • Liability:

- Parents agree that agency Artsitters is not liable for any harm and damages the sessions might occur. That's why we advise you to take out your own liability insurance. 


2. Communication

  • Always communicate through the initial WhatsApp group and email thread. It's how we stay connected, protect you, and manage replacements if you're unable to make it. Plus, we get a general overview of your activities.

  • Keep us posted on your schedule, and answer your phone on time.

  • New requests will be sent to WhatsApp groups and it works on first come-first serve basis, so quick communication is key.

  • If you feel uncomfortable about anything at all, please confide in us and we will make sure your issues are addressed and resolved.

3. Cancellation Protocol:

  • Life happens. Cancel with a good reason, and we'll chat if it's becoming a habit.

4. Keep it Professional:

  • No smoking or party vibes during gigs. 

  • Be on time. If you're late, give a heads up – basic courtesy!

  • No violence or distractions. Keep it clean and focus on the job. Treat the children and all family members with utmost respect.

  • Watch out for potential hazards. Safety first, always!

  • We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


5. Social Media Etiquette:

  • Keep it private. No sharing children info on social media without permission. If the parents agree, you can take photos and send it to us for social media purposes.

6. Referrals

  • If you get referred through another family you got via Artsitters, consider it an Artsitter gig. Inform us, so we can take over communications and create a new WhatsApp chat.


7. Getting Paid:

  • You'll get paid monthly after we issue the invoice on your behalf. Fill in the worksheet to track your work. We send the invoice to parents, and you'll be paid within a week after issuance. Never take money directly from parents – a €500 fine applies.

  • Transportation Costs: You are responsible to get to the family on time. However, you can ask for reimbursement. Make it clear upfront if this is a requirement for accepting a request. Parents can agree or not, but set the expectation in advance.

  • Your rate per service: 

    • Creative session (45 minutes) €28.00

    • Extension of the lesson !15 minutes) 12.00

    • Additional child per creative session €4.80

    • Babysitting (60 minutes) €12.00

    • Additional child per babysitting hour €1.60

    • Cancellation fee (in case of cancellation less than 24 hours in advance) €12.00

Please remember that the costs for supplies or travel (if applicable) should be discussed with the parent upfront and added to your worksheet.


Let's keep it straightforward, professional, and hassle-free. Welcome to the team! ✨

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