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Performances for families of medical health professionals

Starting next week, besides free online lessons to children of health care professionals, we will be hosting a series of live video performances to thank the families for the sacrifices they're making for us all right now.

We've got some amazing artists that will collaborate in this initiative, starting with one of the most influential pianists today, Anna Fedorova. Internationally acclaimed for her compelling expressiveness, she invites our audience to join her and her husband for a 40 min performance, full of music, stories, and positivity.

We are partnering with the Amsterdam-based medical technology company Siilo who will help us invite their community to our first live concert with Anna Fedorova on piano, along with her husband Nicky Schwartz who plays double bass in The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Monday, 13th of April at 19:00.

You are invited as well, please submit your email on our home page and we will send you the streaming link. We believe that art is essential for all of us right now, to use it as a way to escape, stay hopeful and creative. Screen time for kids has increased by 300% during this crisis. With Art-Sitters we let children use technology in an educational and creative way while staying entertained and curious for what's to come.

Join us on this journey!


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