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Spanish, English

My name is Carlos and I am 27 years old and I was born in Móstoles (Madrid, Spain). I am a musician studying drums at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
Since an early age, I was diagnosed with ADHD but thanks to my family and all the great teachers I had, art and creativity helped me to discover that my condition didn’t have to be a limitation, but quite the opposite.
Ever since I can remember, I have been very close to painting and music. The first of these skills led me to the study of Industrial Design Engeneering (which I finished three years ago), and the seccond to my main ocupation right now, music. Playing drums were one of the little few things that I could be doing focused for a long time, which makes me think about how strong this tool could be to help others to develop life time skills such as self esteem, responsibility, cooperation, self-control, indepencence or creativity among others.
I strongly believe that when you learn how to play an instrument, yit is never just that. It is for these reasons that I started giving lessons in Spain, and I would love to do so in the Nederlands as well.
At my house, my parents would listen to all kinds of music, from classical to flamenco, from songwriter music to R&B and soul. This had a heavy impact on me, so during my life I had the chance to play lots of kinds of music with lots of different people, but together, with my parents and my first drum teacher (when I was 6), I decided to focus on jazz. Thanks to them, I can be proud to be playing and enjoying music in the city of Amsterdam in one of the best conservatories in the world.

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