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Textile, visual arts, sound art

Dutch, English

As a recent graduate in textiles, I have continued my artistic practice through various residencies, delving into the fields of visual arts, textile techniques, and sound production in both analogue and digital formats. My exploration extends to sculpting, with a knowledge in mediums such as wood, metal, and glass which I integrate into my artistic practice. Recently, my focus has turned towards a textile teaching position in Amsterdam. While growing my creative language, I find myself drawn to the prospect of teaching, particularly in a smaller setting, which aligns very well with my previous experience as a babysitter. I have about 3 years of babysitting experience with two children. This unique method of teaching and childcare, in the innovative concept of "Artsitter," resonates with my aspirations. The possibility of offering my artistic insights and fostering creativity while providing individualized care especially is appealing. This melding of pedagogy and personal connection embodies the ideal scenario for me. Offering a dynamic platform to share my passion for a broad spectrum of artistic mediums and having the possibility of making children curious for the arts, creating space to express themselves.

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