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Arts & Crafts, Performance

Italian, English, Dutch (B2), Spanish (A2)

Hi, I'm Celeste! I'm a dedicated student focused on creating safe, accepting, and engaging environments for children. I'm punctual, enthusiastic, and adept at multitasking to meet children's needs. Fluent in English and Italian, with proficiency in Dutch and Spanish, I pursued a Bachelor's in Linguistics at UvA. My coursework emphasized infant language development and first language acquisition, sparking my interest in children's language development. Over the years, I've worked with children of all ages:
- 2017: Organized peer reading sessions for elementary students, improving English proficiency through group readings and homework help.
- 2018: Accompanied elementary classes to a language exchange program in the UK, ensuring group well-being and fostering an enjoyable experience.
- 2019: Assisted young musicians from the International Music School of Milan during an exchange with the Moscow conservatory, participating in sightseeing and music lessons.
- 2019-2020: Selected by the Youth Chorus of Milan to assist with lessons and rehearsals. Initially supporting group sessions for students aged 3 to 13, I later became a tutor, managing one-to-one classes with positivity and dedication.

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