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Arts&Crafts, Dance, Theatre

Spanish, English, Catalan, (learning) Dutch

Hi! My name is Raquel (24) I am an Early Childhood Teacher specialised in artistic expressions and visual arts from Barcelona.
I came to the Netherlands after finishing my masters in visual arts and education, to do a volunteering project in the Educational Department of the Anne Frank House and decided to stay im this beautiful country.

Since my student years I have always had an artistic drive, (my mum is a dance teacher so maybe she had some influence on that). But I continued on developing it by myself by being part of the drama club, going to art lessons, playing in a music band,… that is why I decided to minor in artistic expressions while studying my bachelors to turn my passion into my profession.

During my masters studies I understood the contribution of the visual arts to the sensory, expressive and cognitive development of children, to their social integration and to the appreciation of diversity. Ans also all the possibilities of education outside the “formal system”.

Since I am specialised in Early Years I love preparing artistic activities aimed for the little ones. In every school that I’ve worked in, I always encourage the teachers to go beyond with their artistic proposals in the class establish teaching-learning situations in order to develop their skills in that area and their critical thinking. Always using a methodology that is active, participatory, globalising, constructive, investigative, experiential, creative and interdisciplinary.

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