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Book an artsitter

1. Pick a package 

Select your preferred package below and fill in the booking form after you've made the purchase.

How it works

2. Intake 

We’ll give you a call to get to know your family.

3. Matchmaking

We'll connect you with an artist who brings the magic and all the supplies needed for a great creative experience! 🌟

  • 1 Creative Session

    Perfect for trying out our services or planning a party
    Valid for 6 months
    • Includes an intake call with new customers
    • Additional €10 per child for party bookings
    • €40 Creative Session, €5 service fee
  • Most popular

    4 Creative Sessions

    The best way to explore one art form in a month
    Valid for 6 months
    • Flexible and convenient
    • Invite friends or siblings starting at €10
    • 4 x €40 Creative Sessions, €15 service fee
  • 10 Creative Sessions

    The most affordable option
    Valid for 6 months
    • Best price for regular customers
    • Offers flexibility to switch artists and add friends anytime
    • 10 x €40 Creative Sessions, no service fee

Transparent pricing

1 Creative Session (45 min): €40

A session can be extended to 60 minutes for an additional €15.

  • Arts & Crafts: drawing, painting, clay modeling, woodworking, sewing, mixed media

  • Music: singing, piano, flute, recorder, guitar, violin, cello, double bass, drums, saxophone, clarinet, oboe

  • Dance: hip-hop, ballet, breakdancing, modern

  • Theatre: acting, literature, storytelling

Additional children: €10

Every additional child (friends or siblings) that joins the creative session. Invoiced separately each month for your flexibility.

Babysitting (60 min): €15

Plus €2/ hour for every additional child (friends or siblings).

Invoiced separately each month for your convenience.

Additional costs:

  • Service fee (administration for babysitting, adding extra kids, emergency replacement etc.): €5/booking (max. €15 per month)

  • Art supplies and musical instruments*

  • Transportation costs*

  • Cancellation fee: Free until 24 hours before. Otherwise €20. 

*Prices may vary, consulting required

Do you have any questions about our pricing, or are you interested in a different package? Contact us right away.

Give the most creative gift of all!

Spread the joy of creativity with a gift card from Artsitters. 

Gift it to parents, grandparents or children directly. 

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